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Why We Show Lab Results

Why is it important to include lab results with CBD products?

It’s a good question, and we’re glad you asked.

This is a new market, with a lot of people competing to sell CBD and various cannabis products. Some, like Delta-8 products, have THC in significant levels. Others do not. Many of them have a certain critical amount of natural hemp and cannabis extract in order to promote the therapy that CBD provides!

The lab results show how much of these types of things are in any given sample of a product. We want to provide full transparency in what we sell, because we believe that is one of the best ways to build confidence and attract people to our store. It’s also just the right thing to do. 

Dates and More

On our lab sheets, you can find the dates of review, as well as the names of companies that we are partnering with. Different types of lab results will look different based on the company. But all will show you those vital figures that give you proof of quality in this new and exciting market. 


One thing you’ll see in the lab results is whether the product contains an amount of psychotropic THC. You also see total cannabinoids, which is the total cannabis value in a given product.


CBDA or cannabidiolic acid is a non-psychotropic CBD product that is good for epilepsy. It can plug into receptors in the body in a therapeutic way. Our lab results also measure the levels of CBDA in the product.


CBDV or cannabidivarin is another item that we measure in products. Scientists say it has been known to make nerve cells less active, promoting calming and soothing therapies.

In addition to all of these lab results, we have an intriguing array of products for your CBD needs. Take a look for a CBD routine that recognizes your individual desires for your total wellness and how to get the value of CBD in your life!

Being able to fully document the chemical makeup of these products helps a lot. You can also see more detail about how testing happens, and get a general idea of how people work in a given laboratory context.

As people race to bring CBD products to market, these new processes are being refined and fine-tuned all the time. We want to be a big part of that in delivering the best CBD to you!

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