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About Us

We are a small batch family-owned hemp company with a retail shop in the heart of beautiful Tampa, Florida. We strive to find the freshest, cleanest extracts sourced from the highest quality hemp flower. Our finished products are always third-party tested to ensure purity and freedom from harmful heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

Our Extraction Process

We believe nature knows best, so our mission was clear: Deliver everything valuable from the original hemp plant.

Common Extraction Methods (Ethanol, CO2, hydro-carbon) couldn’t meet our lofty demand so a new technology was necessary. Cellular Deconstruction™ Technology proprietary, one-of-one technology.

Channels energy to open plant cell walls (~16 Million Joules). Delivers nearly 100% of plant cannabinoids (industry standard is 50-65%). Delivers valuable omega oils (the plant’s natural, heart healthy nutrient delivery system). Molecules are delivered whole, complete and intact. Maintains integrity of the original hemp plant. All natural, organic practices. Cleaner, more SUSTAINABLE process and products.

In order for a particulate to be considered nano, it must fall between 0-100 nanometers in measurement. CBD molecules naturally cluster between 2,000 and 4,000 nanometers wide. Because of the type(s) and amount of energy CDT (Cellular Deconstruction™ Technology ) harnesses, our CBD is broken down to actual nano-sized particulates and remain nano in perpetuity (when mixed with a fat, e.g. carrier oil, omega oils, etc).

“Water soluble” or “emulsified” products are NOT nano.

Emulsifying agents, even if nano, actually make the molecule bigger. CBD is oil based, cannot be water soluble. We prove our CBD is 28-30 nanometers wide. Falling well within the technical “nano” range. Per the NIH and other researchers, nano particulates increase surface size in our bodies and vastly improve bio-availability.

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